Kaikoura Primary School - Co-operation Friendship


We welcome new enrolments to our school! Prospective parents are welcome to visit and we are happy to show your around our school.
Please email office@kaikoura.school.nz or phone Deb on 03 319 5440 and we can walk you through the very easy process of enrolling your child/ren. New entrant children are required to provide a copy of their birth certificate or passport and to show their immunisation records to date.
School visits are organised for the school term leading up to their 5th birthday and we encourage a weekly visit for the whole term on a Thursday morning from 9:00-10.30am.  Parents are welcome to stay for the first few school visits.





TERM 1 - Monday January 29th to Friday 13th April

TERM 2 - Monday April 30th to Friday 6th July

TERM 3 - Monday July 23rd to Friday 28th September

TERM 4 - Monday 15th October to Friday 14th December





School will be closed in 2018 on Saturdays and Sundays and on the following holidays:


                      District wide -Teacher only Day             Monday 5th February

            Waitangi Day                                            Tuesday 6th February

            Easter                                                       Friday 30th March, Monday 2nd April                                    & Tuesday 3rd April

            ANZAC Day                                             Wednesday April 25th                                  

            Queens Birthday                                      Monday 4th June

            Labour Day                                              Monday 22nd October

            Marlborough Anniversary                        Monday 29th October






                          8.30am                                    Pupils are welcome at school

                                                                           anytime after 8.30am.


                          9.00am                                   Classes commence

                          10.30 - 10.50am                     Morning break

                          10.50 - 12.30pm                     Classes

                          12.30 - 1.20pm                       Lunch 

                          1.20 – 2.50pm                        Classes

                          2.50pm                                    School Finishes

                          3.00pm                                    Buses Depart